In almost every human culture, when an individual is prepared for burial or cremation, their body is dressed in a garment that will literally and symbolically become part of the body as it returns to the earth.

My role, which began as designer, transformed into maker, sculptor, scientist, celebrant, dresser and death-wear facilitator.  Garments for the Grave is a practice that has emerged from previous project work, and uses skills from the fashion realm whilst incorporating elements of funeral celebrancy. It is a practice that functions as ritual engaged through the creation or fashioning of a burial garment. It neither denies nor flirts with death, but presents it in a way that invites observers to view it as natural, undeniable, inevitable and at times, beautiful. The garments are designed for easy inclusion of dressing rituals performed by the family. There has been significant attention from the press regarding this work, which is an indication that it is a ‘fashionable’ topic, and a realisation that there is a need and demand for this type of engagement.