If you are interested in commissioning a Garment for the Grave for yourself or someone you love, or simply have questions about this process please email Pia directly:

Pia is also available to assist in funeral dressings, funeral celebrancy, first call, and is more than happy to give you advice on how to create beautiful and unique funerary services and rituals.

“”Galvanised by my personal experience of dressing the dead, I was able to ask questions about the potentiality of garments created specifically for burial; about the materials and the function of a garment.  However, these questions were without the purview of those buried, and thus, the solutions have now moved beyond me and my role as a practitioner, and into the domain of those who are dying. Giving the dying a choice about clothing isn’t merely about the garments they will wear into their grave, it also allows them to access a broader dialogue about what they are choosing to take with them as they move out of and dissipate into the environment they leave behind. Clothing is our second skin, part of ourselves. In thinking about the tangible and material-based covering that we take to the grave, we begin the conversation that addresses, dresses and undresses our lives.