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ABC Artscape: Anatomy Arts Documentary: “SOUL” Directed by Larin Sulivan and produced by Matchbox Productions. Screening across Australia on the 26th of March 2013 at 10pm

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Article in numerous Japanese Newspapers written by Shinji Ito (Oceanic Correspondent) about my doctoral work and funeral practice. A team from the Sydney Bureau was flown to Melbourne to interview and photograph me for their paper in Japan. (Kyoto Shimbun 29 Aug 2012 p6, Gifu Shimbun 5 Sep 2012 p5, Chiba Nippo 9 Aug 2012 p12, Nigata Nippo 28 Jul 2012 p4, Yamagata Shimbun 20 Aug 2012 p21, Kahoku Shimpo 28 Jul 2012 p4, Hokkoku Shimbun 24 Jul 2012 p3, Chubu keizai Shimbun 21 Jul 2012 p11, Nishi-Nippon Shimbun 18 Jul 2012 p2, Daily Tohoku 11 Jul 2012 p7, Nihonkai Shimbun 11 Jul 2012 p9, Chugoku Shimbun 12 Jul 2012 p8)

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