There are so many people who have supported and encouraged me over the last few years. I can’t ever thank them enough!
Here are just a few (more to be added when they get their own websites up and running) who deserve your glancing over and my eternal gratitude – Pia

One of them, Loren O’Keefe has a missing brother. So I ask, have you see Dan? : DAN COME HOME


Devika Bilimoria @ Light Catcher:
Long time photographic collaborator. Bringing still life to my work.
Karl Korju:
Graphic designer and master of all things internet. Also one of my favourite people in the world.
Tegan Carter:
My go-to illustrator. Simply beautiful work which I fall in love with over and over again. She has done an amazing collection of illustrations for Garments for the Grave, which will appear on much of our branding over the next few years.
Emma Boseley:
Life would have fallen off the rails had it not been for Emma. Not only is she an amazing assistant, she was one of my students many years ago and is herself a very accomplished designer.
Joanna Henning:
Joanna features often in my work – she is the dark haired beauty in many of my photographs. However, she is far more than a pretty face. Like Emma, she was once a student of mine, and has developed into a brilliant designer. Check out her work.
Diana Klein
Diana was one of my mentors through my undergraduate years and instilled in me a love for textile science. She has done extensive research into textiles and well-being and so generously allowed me to photograph her in my prototype garment.


Kathy High:
I met Kathy when she and I were both residents at SymbioticA, where developed a great friendship and where she decided to dedicate much of her precious time to documenting The Pig Project.
Cynthia White:
I met Cynthia through Kathy when we were all in Perth, and Cynthia too, threw herself into documenting The Pig Project. Couldn’t have got through it all without her.
Pete Macfarlane @ Art at the End:
Pete is a fellow PhD candidate at RMIT and designs the most amazing contemporary memorials. Check out his use of seasonal mapping in order to utilise the sun shining through his work.
Tarryn Handcock:
One of my most dearest friends, Tarryn is also a PhD candidate at RMIT. Her research revolves around the transitioning skin. Stunning work!
Larin Sullivan:
Who know where I would be if Paola hadn’t shown Larin an article about my work. She is beyond dedicated to her film making and has such beautiful visions for her subjects. Thank you!
Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr @ Symbiotica:
Oron and Ionat who head up SymbioticA are such a great example of the human race. Their work is breath taking and just like a vigorous massage for the brain.
David Neustein:
I met David when were were both undergraduates at RMIT. Sharing a similar interest in contemporary design – specifically to do with cemeteries, his architectural design will change the landscpae of the field.
Priscilla Lim:
Priscilla is a behind the scenes type of action maker, but deserves her own spotlight. A brilliant designer and illustrator, she is also one of my favourite people in the world.
Lisa Carrie Goldberg:
Lisa is a multidisciplinary artist who I first encountered at SymbioticA. Not only is she brilliantly talented, she also helped me wash, dress and dig up dead pigs. What a star!


Simon Ferrar and Ailean Siira
@ Clandon Wood:

At a newly established Natural Burial Ground in Surrey, UK, Simon and Ailean welcomed me with warm arms into their home and lives. Clandon Wood is currently my home away from home and one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Caitlin Doughty
@ Order of the Good Death:

Deathxpert extraordinaire, Caitlin Doughty is the force behind the rad ‘Ask A Mortician‘ series, and the herder of amazing deathies around the globe into the Order of the Good Death.
Kerrie Noonan
@ The GroundSwell Project:

Founded by Kerrie Noonan and facilitating new approaches to death in Australia. Beautiful human being.
Zenith Viago
@ Natural Death Centre – Byron Bay:

Headed up by Zenith Viago, doing death right for decades.
Victoria Spence
@ Living With Our Dead:

Celebrant and at the forefront of home funerals in Australia.
Sally Cant:
My funeral celebrancy teacher and mentor, any ceremony conducted by Sally is world class.
Cassandra Yonder:
Cassandra is rocking the boat in Canada by introducing people to the brilliant world of Death Midwifery.
Kristie West:
Kristie is a specialist in a new type of G.R.I.E.F therapy and is such a freaken star.
Debbie Malynn:
Debbie is another hands-on deathie, and can facilitate the most extraordinary of all sorts of events (not just funeral services).
Hannah Rumble:
So lucky to have met Hannah in NZ and then again in the UK. She is one of the foremost academics on Natural Burial.
Dorothy-Jane King:
So whenever I have a forensics related question Dorothy is there to answer my questions. She is an encyclopaedia of knowledge in all things science and death related.
Hayden Peters /Art of Mourning:
Hayden is a jewellery Historian and one of the foremost collectors of memorial, mourning and sentimental jewellery. Some of his items are *ahem* to die for.
Lindsey Fitzharris / The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice:
A medical historian, Lindsey is now conducting one of the most interesting pieces of research I’ve encountered. She is finding out about the people whom pieces of ‘anatomy’ scattered around pathology galleries belong to.