BODY SUIT (2012)

“The dissolving began with the application of the water-sprayer over the face of the model. Metaphorically, it was also an acknowledgement of my own mourning of the impending loss of the garment, the ‘body’ casing: the water pooling around her fringe and eyes and then dripping down the centre front of the garment was, in part, reminiscent of shedding tears. The water formed a rivulet on the model’s chin that then dripped down into the stitching directly below. The water was captured in the wale of the knit and the loops slowly unzipped.”

“After hastily dipping a hand into the water, Devika quickly snapped her camera at the hand as the fibres became transparent, shrunk in, and then peeled away from the skin. This method proved much more effective as the saturated fibres became transparent skin to be seen, whilst the texture of the knit was still apparent. In this way, the skin fused with the fabric, becoming one body, before the fibres surrendered and melted.”

-[A]Dressing Death: Fashioning Garments for the Grave

Photography by Devika Bilimoria